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For 24 years, Pamela Smith has been seeking Justice and fighting institutional corruption on her case - on what some say is one of the worst rape cases to have ever taken place in America.

A native and resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pamela was sentenced behind bars for check and credit card abuse in the 1990's. For good behavior, she was approved to participate in a work release program at a low security facility. She was stationed to be a housekeeper at a Drivers License office for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety in Tulsa. Her supervisor on the job site was a state drivers license examiner named Donald Reed Cochran, Sr. Almost immediately upon her employment, the nightmare began.

Donald Reed Cochran Sr. repeatedly raped and sexually tortured Pamela Smith on the job site. He silenced her with threats of reporting her, which would have sent her out of the work program and into a higher security correctional facility with lost privileges.

Amongst the worst episodes of torture Pamela endured was Cochran's use of a GLASS SALT SHAKER to rape her. Pamela eventually gained the courage to start telling authority figures, including her case manager, her warden, and Donald Reed Cochran's boss, but most everyone didn't take her seriously. An internal investigation went nowhere. Once Pamela was released from prison and made it through therapy from the trauma she endured, she made a vow to God and herself that she would pursue legal Justice to the fullest.


Drew Edmondson

Former Attorney General

Donald Reed Cochran, Sr.

Rapist, former D.L. Examiner

Tim Harris

Former Tulsa District Attorney

Kevin Stitt

Governor of Oklahoma

Pamela Smith encountered not only strong opposition in legally targeting those who protected and shielded her rapist, she uncovered layers of corruption used to impede her efforts.

Over the two decades that Ms. Smith has tried to have her case litigated, she alleges that the opposition has used all manners of lies, deception and misconduct to thwart her efforts. Several state agencies were accused of conspiracy to obstruct justice - the Department of Corrections, Department of Public Safety, the District Attorney's Office, and the Attorney General's Office amongst them. Ms. Smith alleges incidents of evidence destroyed, files tampered with, witness intimidation, and falsified legal notices - all used against her. One of the most egregious actions Ms. Smith points out in her case is the disappearance of the

GLASS SALT SHAKER that was turned over to the Tulsa District Attorney's Office. 

Inside of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

Outside of the United States Supreme Court

A series of unfavorable court rulings against her won't stop Pamela Smith from seeking Justice

Ms. Smith has filed lawsuits and sought for justice in several courts of law on her case - County court, District Courts, the Tenth Circuit Appellate Court, and all the way to the Supreme Court - twice now. But along the way, she has been documenting and saving a compilation of evidence that suggest prejudice and misconduct against her case on all levels. In spite of it all, Pamela Smith continues to fight to win justice and expose the corruption. She has championed the cause not only for herself, but for women and inmate abuse taking place throughout society.

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